Which brands are the most popular among Girls 7 to 14 years old (worldwide)

By Marinette Dalbard, director of client services, BrandTrends, 


The BPI - Brand Popularity Index - is the BrandTrends key indicator.

It measures brand popularity, ie brand’s ability to generate appeal among their targets. It is our unique composite indicator and is predictive of purchase intent.

It includes spontaneous and assisted awareness, attitudes and top 3 favorites.

In July’21, among specifiy target , Frozen ranks first just ahead of Lego and Barbie. A very tight Top 3 Popularity.


Frozen 2 was live in 2019 and kids still can't take their eyes off the movie. Both characters (Elsa and Anna) are bold, powerful and strong in their roles. Even after 2 years the animated movie remains popular with its toys in stores (reaching high ratings on Amazon). Also, most children in the category "Girl 7-14" celebrate their birthday with Frozen cakes.

Once again, LEGO is still on top of the ranking. Check out this report to understand its popularity: https://brandtrends.com/great-end-of-year-for-lego/

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