What past 4 years tell us about the future?

Along 2020, we’ve seen a huge increase of the number of brands known by kids 0-14 years old around the globe. They’ve spent much more time on screens, have discovered multiple new (and some not such as new!) contents and opportunity to connect with brands. But how does this change along 2021? And what can we anticipate for the future?

Starting April 2020, we’ve seen a big uplift in the number of brands spontaneously mentioned by kids as their favorites. The trend was confirmed along the full year and one year later, the number of brands mentioned definitely not came back to the initial 2019 one. Let’s see the 3 key reasons why.


The first reason why comes from youngest.

While 0 to 6 were strongly behind 7 to 14 years old in terms of number of brands mentioned, they’ve definitely reduced the gap along the period with an increase twice bigger than their olders.

No school, no activities, no events, no friends… has been translated by more exposure to entertainment content and connection with brands.


The second reason why comes from the fact that as they grow up, individuals of course know more and more brands.

They don’t forget the primary brands they loved and add new ones to their scope. The uplift meets in 2020 still convey higher scores one year later.


The third reason why is directly driven by brands themselves.

With this dynamic growing trend, it was the perfect momentum to deploy cross-categories strategies and extend brand’s influence. Then, the number of multi mentioned brands (mentioned several times by the same respondent, through several categories) continues to grow (+48%) in 2021.


‘All those trends illustrate how dynamic is the licensing market. If this represents great opportunities for smaller brands and for brands able to extend their presence across multiple categories, this also means that the competition is fiercer and fiercer’ comments Marinette Dalbard, CSD at BrandTrends.

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