What are the World’s Most Popular Kids Entertainment Brands? – July’21 Edition

By Marinette Dalbard, director of client services, BrandTrends,


Lego keeps its leading position among 0-14 year old around the globe. This great performance comes from the ability of the brand to be strong across genders (#1 among boys and #4 among girls) and age breaks (#1 among 7-14 yo and #4 among 0-6 yo).

Lego is the only brand part of the Top 10 ranking coming from the Toy category, while all the other brands are originally TV shows or Comics. This success is explained by the ability of the brand to set up a successful licensing strategy, creating partnership with relevant TV shows or movies for reaching broad audiences.

The ranking is completed by brands reaching huge performances among specific targets. As an example, Paw Patrol stands second because it meets a huge Brand Popularity Index among 0-6 yo, especially boys. While Minions stands #4, being #4 among 7-14 yo.


This confirms how the relevance among a target is predominant for choosing the right license.  👉🏻And this is where BrandTrends can help you !

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