an image showing top 10 popular brands around the globe

Top Popular Brands Around the Globe – Oct’22

an image showing top 10 popular brands around the globe

Updated: May 4

Discover the most popular brands around the globe with our Q4 2022 results

Recent BrandTrends market research unveils the top popular brands across the world.

The data is measured through the popularity index, calculating by weighing four measures of awareness and attitudes (unassisted awareness, aided awareness, brand attitudes, and top 3 favorites). The popularity index has been developed for being predictive of the purchase intent and, as such, helps in defining the sales potential of IPs.

Top 10 Most Popular Brands Worldwide

The following infographics demonstrate the Top 10 most popular brands worldwide, between the ages of 0-14 and 0-65. The data is based on responding countries listed at the bottom of each infographic.

LEGO ranks first among 0- to 14-year-olds but is also relevant to adults, being #2 among 0 to 65-year-olds. 6 of the most popular brands among youngest are also part of the Top 10 among total population (Tom & Jerry, LEGO, Marvel, Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man and Minions).

Top 10 Most Popular Brands in USA / China / Germany

The following infographics show a more specific look into the top 10 most popular brands in 3 different countries, Germany, China and USA.

The data is based on both male and female respondents, with ages 0-14 outlined on the left, and ages 0-65 on the right.

Mickey Mouse is ranked #1 among 0–14-year-olds in USA, while also holding the steady first place spot among 0-65-year-olds. LEGO is seemingly very popular among 0-14-year-olds, ranking #2 while still fairly popular in the general 0-65 age group, ranked at #6.

Brands such as Spongebob Squarepants, Play-Doh, Despicable Me, and Shrek appear to be more popular within the 0-14 age group, not making the rankings in the 0-65 age group (USA).

Meanwhile, amongst respondents in China, Boonie Bears steadily holds the first place ranking in both the 0-14 and 0-65 year-old categories.

Similarly, in Germany, LEGO ranks first in both age categories, as well as Mickey Mouse in second place. Brands such as Paw Patrol, Madagascar, and Playmobil dominate more so the 0-14 age group, while not making the 0-65 age group rankings.

Differences in Brand Popularity by Gender

The following infographics aim to distinguish a divergence between popular brands amongst males and females, specifically looking at USA, China, and Germany.

It is clear that LEGO is dominating the male 0-14-year-old market, ranking first in USA, China, and Germany, as well as in the 0-65 age group category for China and Germany.

For female respondents, the first-place ranking ranges between Frozen, Mickey Mouse, and Peppa Pig, with Frozen being mentioned most among the ages 0-14, and Mickey Mouse most among ages 0-65.


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