2 children with an American flag and an inscription: "The American Kid Consumer"

The Kid Consumer: How Mobile Is Driving More And More Empowerment Among Children

2 children with an American flag and an inscription: "The American Kid Consumer"

At BrandTrends, we’re focused on understanding the key trends on Ips, but not only. This is why we regularly conduct research on kids and families usages and attitudes. The last one is the Kid Consumer study, measuring kid’s routines and preferred activities.

This year, one of the key learnings is how kids are more and more empowered towards the contents they access to. This is a mix of how they access those content but also where and when.

The combined push of streaming video services and mobile usage supports customized consumption of contents.

Mobile ownership and usage are growing across age breaks. The trend is even higher among youngest who are reducing the gap vs 10 to 14.

This drives more frequent apps downloading but also more video contents watching, more regularly.

Replay is growing, to the detriment of Live TV, allowing to choose the most appropriate time to watch contents – which is most of the time not so late compared to live (more than 80% within a week).

More convenience, more fun, more content, more opportunities to share with friends in one click: a lot of different reasons for accelerating the trend.

This is now a matter of how to leverage this opportunity and make sure for the brands to go through the clutter

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