By Marinette Dalbard, director of client services,


Brandtrends describes how the serie's popularity doubles its market value in derived products.

Paris, June 22, 2021– In just three years, TEEN TITANS GO! ‘s popularity increased by 40%. This will not be stopping as there is a seventh season already on screen.

But even with just 6 seasons, TEEN TITANS GO! has brought into their world kids from 0-14 years old.



As well as being well-positioned in Spain and Italie, the gap in France, Germany and the Netherlands is closing little by little.

The brand’s strong progression and its ability to assert its popularity on the market comes from a combination of two factors : 

  • Being more and more present in children’s mind (and increase of 50% in awareness in France), 
  • Being more and more liked (an increase of 27% of « like it a lot »).  
 « Combining awareness and positive likeability for one brand  is the Holy Grail ! » explains Philippe Guinaudeau, CEO of BrandTrends. « This means that not only is the brand emerging in its competitive market, it also persuades and attracts. This is the recipe for bigger sales ! ». 


Furthermore, the brand has doubled its purchase intentions on the last wave ! 

This phenomenon among the 7 to 9-year-olds is explained by the fact that the brand is as popular with boys as with girls. The brand’s position on the market is therefore considered well-established. 

It is now up to the brand itself to identify the more pertinent categories in order to increase its sales and awareness outside of the cartoon. 


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