The 5 ingredients to be as such successful as Cocomelon – or how BrandTrends helps you in monitoring key indicators for driving growth!

Do you know Cocomelon? If no, you should, at least because it helps in understanding how to build a strong brand.


Indeed, the famous nursery rhymes online series (#1 among kids on YouTube worldwide) launched on Netflix in 2020 generates high appeal among toddlers 0 to 2 years old around the world.  

The brand is currently thinking about developing merchandising products and BrandTrends confirms it should! 


Successfully launched on YouTube in 2007 (~100 millions followers, #1 among kids worldwide) then on Netflix along summer 2020 (#2 most watched content worldwide), the brand easily provided pushed content and became a must watch among toddlers. 



  1. The combination of the relevant media plan, allowing parents to easily access the content, and the optimized word of mouthraised the brand awareness (+10 points in one year, going to 55% worldwide and up to 80% in most successful countries) – first step to building a strong brand and first ingredient of its success.



2. But the brand wouldn’t be as successful as it is if it wasn’t relevant for its target. Colorful, joyful and multiple characters allowing any of viewers to refer to make the brand part of the 0 to 2 years old top 10 favorite brands worldwide. This positive salience in consumer minds is the second ingredient to success. 

3. Cocomelon is not only a loved brand but also a brand which is able to recruit outside its core target of fans. Its purchase intention of 36% across 31 countries is higher than the share of fans. This confirms the high appeal of the brand… 

4. And the great potential for a brand which reaches one of the biggest consumer demand gap (difference between purchase intent and ownership), confirming its target are highly waiting for merchandising products. 

5. Merchandising products which could cover a large number of categories (3,5 in average and up to 5,6 across the 31 countries)offering new opportunities for the brand to generate visibility and liking  and complete the recipe for driving growth! 


If you want to know more about brand’s strengths and weaknesses and how to build successful merchandising strategies, just contact us! 

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