Sport-related brands are hot on Licensing market and Lionel Messi is part of this success!

By Marinette Dalbard, director of client services, BrandTrends, 


#BrandTrends measured Top 3 favorite brands spontaneously mentioned by kids 0 to 14 years old around the globe and this shows up great performances for Sport brands.


Sport-related brands reach a highly dynamic trend on licensing market. 7 of them are part of the Top 20 largest growths of preference across 41 countries between April’20 and April’21.



If Nike and Adidas rank respectively second and first, football players complete the set. And among those players, Lionel Messi is #1.


‘After such a long period without any sport event due to the pandemic, kids are keen to reconnect with their favorite sport brands’ 
commented Marinette Dalbard, CSD at BrandTrends.


Messi ranks #10 on Top Licenses in April’21, mentioned spontaneously as their favorite brands by 1% of kids 0-14 years old across 41 countries (+0.3pt vs April’20).

And this performance should be even stronger in the coming months.

Moving from Barca football club to Paris-Saint-Germain football club generated a great uplift on the champion’s level of preference in France, while the player keeps the same high performance in Spain.

The uplift is not less than +9 points of Top3 favorite spontaneous mentions among kids 0-14 years in France. And this even goes up to +24 points (+260%) among boys 10 to 14 years old.

This leads to 1/5 of French kids 0 to 14 years considering Lionel Messi as their preferred sport brand, while the football player still stands at 44% in Spain.


‘The preference is a very stable indicator. Once the brand is part of the loved ones, it takes a long time to generate a decrease, except if something terrible happens. Lionel Messi explained to the fans he was very sad to leave Barca and this is definitely not a reason for stopping linking him!’ explained Marinette Dalbard.


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