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How the Most Innovative Global Brands are Utilizing Trends to Lead the Game?

The most innovative, top-line brands today are utilizing trends to keep moving ahead. With use of intuitive and studied anticipation and innovation, they are able to experience highly productive creativity, first for stability and then for advancement. Making serious headway takes getting inside the trends that form and challenge your clients’ hopes and presumptions. Realizing opportunities and transforming potential obstacles into successfully launched, engaging campaigns, unique concepts and fresh new products enable you to utilize a trend for optimal brand and product progress for advancement.

Find The Best Indicator:

  • Brand Popularity Index / Purchase Intentions Matrix
  • Retail Visitation by Channel
  • Popularity and Awareness Measures:
    • Brand Popularity Index
    • Unaided Brand Awareness
    • Tested Brand Awareness
    • Attitudes towards the Brands (Brand Affinity)
    • Brand Favorites (unaided mentions)
    • Fandom Segmentation (Fans, Supporters, Rebels, Rejecters)
  • Brand Merchandise Interest:
    • Timeframe on the Merchandise Interest (past & future)
    • Demand Gap Analysis (past vs. future interest)
    • Merchandise Interest by Product Category (18 large categories)
    • Purchase Funnel for your brand(s)
  • Streaming for video-content
  • Brand Scorecard (summary)

Discover The Innovative strengths and essence of your brand

For maximum  licensing power.

Select the Right Brands

By recognizing the licenses that appeal to your demographic target markets.

Create Highly Effective Advertising and Marketing Initiatives

Formulate more effective marketing and advertising initiatives from greater comprehension of connections among awareness, popularity and purchase intentions of your brands.

Keep an eye on the competition

Expose any and all competitive threats to devise an offensive or defensive strategy.

Explore and Examine Product Categories

Explore potential product categories of specific interest to your target market groups.

Grow Revenues

As your ultimate goal and achievement, increase your conversion rates and total revenues.

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