Social influencers: Squeezie dominates Michou, who is losing favor in France

BrandTrends can help in selecting a suitable social influencer for your brand.

One of the fastest-growing forms of advertising, according to many in the marketing sector, is influencer marketing on social media. Reaching your target audience, establishing credibility, and fostering engagement are all possible with the proper influencers.

You will ask influencers to share the brand’s narrative with their followers on social media in a way that appeals to them because stories are the best method to make emotional connections with people. Influencers provide social proof for the company since they have established a high degree of trust with their followers and are regarded as authorities in their particular niches. An influencer can add significantly more value to your brand while still being a reliable source for prospective buyers to learn the truth about a good or service.

To make this tactic effective, you must first establish a rapport with your influencers before relying on their authority to promote your business on social media. Therefore, you must first determine who is most compatible with the objectives of your brand.

Well, in France, according to the most recent BrandTrends* research, Squeezie is by far the most popular social influencer in France, with 13.9 percent of mentions. Michou, with 8.8 percent, saw a decline of 4.6 points after the French season of “Dancing with the Stars” finished. With 7.3 percent, Nabilla Benattia moves up to third place, gaining 1.4 points over the previous six months.

Squeezie could seem the best fit for many of the brands, don’t you think? For sure, not for Pokémon. In fact, the brand is over-represented as one of the most favorite Entertainment brands among the fans of the influencer (with an index of 157). The emotional connection is already built because Squezie’s fans are also huge fans of of Pokémon.

On the other hand, Squeezie could be an excellent choice if you were promoting Astérix or Tintin: with a low index (respectively 74 and 79), Squeezie can work his magic and spread the word about the 2 brands among his admirers. The same for Mario Bros with both Squeezie and Michou.

Of course, there are obviously a lot of other things to take into account once you have created your initial list of the ideal influencers to collaborate with. You need to have a solid understanding of your target audience’s personality and demographics, including things like gender (good couple Squeezie-brand for Asterix for the boys, and Tintin for the girls), where they live, their ages, what they do for a living, their interests and passions, how they use social media, which social media platforms they prefer, etc.

We have outlined the most crucial characteristics and hazards you need to watch out for when you are identifying influencers for your brand if you are wanting to locate influencers for a forthcoming marketing campaign. You might not be familiar with this final tip (kidding), but simply doing some basic Google searches is a wonderful place to start when looking for social influencers in your field. But BrandTrends is the best place to start on this initial search!

*Source: BrandTrends – April-May’22 – N=84,787 Respondents – Mothers answer for kids 0 to 6


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