International Brand Review – Minecraft among Kids 3 to 14 – November 2020



International Entertainment Brand Review in is a detailed brand or character description across multiple countries complemented with 10 unique measures on Brand Popularity & Merchandise Appeal on all those territories for a selected demographics.

International Entertainment Brand Review reports brand awareness, brand attitudes and preferences, ownership and purchase intent of the hottest brands & characters.

The 25 pages report comprises 10 unique charts per gender with summaries of key findings, as well as the detailed profiles of the tested brand.


This reports specifically tracks the relative awareness, attitudes and the popularity of a selected Entertainment brand across multiple territories; it also tracks consumers’ engagement, past purchases and future intentions with this brand on the same geography. Our proprietary Brand Popularity Index indeed predicts the purchase appeal of your brand.

This Report looks at the following areas:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Brand Affinity and Popularity
  3. Brand Ownership, and history
  4. Brand Purchase Intentions and timeframe of execution, including the detail on 18 large consumer product categories
  5. Brand Scorecard
  6. Best recommendations for the future


Geography Brand Period Content
International Minecraft November 2020 25 pages / 20 charts


  • Identify the relative awareness, popularity and merchandise appeal of all the brand amongst infants, preschoolers, children, tweens & teens and Young Adults in multiple territories
  • Identify factors driving future growth of this brand, with the strongest countries as well as the weakest
  • Compare the performances on those factors across countries
  • Assess penetration the future selling trends of the selected brand


  • Presentation & methodology
  • The surveyed demographics
    • The period in 6 points
    • Brand matrix
    • Popularity
    • Awareness of brand (unaided, tested and total)
    • Likeability of the brand
    • Brand rating within Top 3 favorite brands
    • Purchased brand with merchandise
    • Purchase intention of brand with merchandise
    • Consumer demand gap
    • Purchase intention of brand by product category
    • Purchase Funnel for the brand
    • Brand Scorecard, Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Recommendations