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and value creation.

Discover how our handpicked partners elevate your experience with BrandTrends Group.


Iconkids is more than a marketing firm

it’s a visionary in children’s and youth marketing. Understanding the world through young eyes, Iconkids offers unrivaled insights into the dreams, preferences, and aspirations of the next generation. With tailored research and deep expertise, they create a mosaic that reflects not just what young people want but who they are.

Collaborating with Iconkids enhances our understanding
of youthful desires, enabling us to craft brand strategies that connect on deeply personal levels.
Through this partnership, your brand doesn’t merely reach young consumers—it resonates with them, creating bonds that grow and strengthen over time. Experience the next level of youth marketing that brings tangible results,
insight, and growth


Valor Intangible is a beacon in the complex realm of intangible asset valuation. Specializing in intellectual property rights, they dig beneath the surface to discover the hidden gems that lie within your brand. Their meticulous approach and profound expertise illuminate the unseen but vitally essential facets of your brand’s worth.

Our alliance with Valor Intangible not only reveals your brand’s most valuable unseen resources but strategically positions them for maximized potential. We work hand-in-hand to protect and elevate these assets, turning potential into profit. Together, we build brands that are robust, resilient, and prepared to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Unearth the unseen power of your brand.


Tokyo-based ZenWorks is a leading provider of IP consulting, licensing, and marketing services, offering cutting-edge solutions to clients across East Asia. With our global and regional expertise and long-term market experience, we facilitate connections, unlock opportunities, and enable successful negotiations for brand owners developing IP business in East Asia and worldwide.

Through our partnership with ZenWorks in the Japanese and Korean markets, we provide real-time market research expertise directly to IP owners at the country level.


Play is a catalyst for innovation, specializing in the market spanning from infants to young adults, and extending to families. Through a curious and thoughtful lens, Play connects trends, insights, and consumers’ voices to provoke reflection and ignite creativity. Their unique perspective offers a dynamic view into ever-changing consumer needs and desires.

Our collaboration with Play is an invitation to embrace a world of dynamic insights. By recognizing the behavioral profiles across generations, we co-create strategies that are contextually relevant, resonating with people’s true selves. This partnership enriches your decision-making process, empowering you with wisdom, foresight, and actionable intelligence. Dive into a world where information becomes inspiration.


BIP redefines the licensing landscape with its All-in-One Licensing Solution. Serving as an online marketplace that unites brands and licensees globally, BIP simplifies, accelerates,
and streamlines the process, providing a transparent platform that unlocks new horizons.

In partnering with BIP, we navigate the vast and often complex licensing terrain, connecting you to the perfect matches that align with your brand’s unique vision and goals. This collaboration unlocks doors, facilitates growth, and sets the stage for endless possibilities. Experience a new era of licensing where efficiency meets opportunity, all tailored to your brand’s unique needs.