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Nuremberg Toy Fair 2023: How Streaming Changed Toy Sales

a man holding a mini slot-machine in his hand

Updated: May 6

The Nuremberg Toy Fair of 2023 took place during the first week of February, and The BrandTrends Group took part! In case you were unable to participate, let us fill you in on what went on during the presentations.

The first presentation to take place was ‘How Streaming Changed Toy Sales’, where BrandTrends CEO Philippe Guinaudeau discussed various topics within the streaming market and the impact it has on the toy industry.

The rise of streaming platforms

The infographic above demonstrates the strongly increased performance of streaming platforms within three specified countries: USA, Germany, and China.

What streaming brought to the market

Next to be discussed was what exactly streaming brought to the toy market. Four main factors included convenience, accessibility, new business models, and innovative TV-watching experiences.

How streaming is changing

The infographic above demonstrates the way streaming is currently changing. Despite a possible growth in unsubscribing, streaming sources still obtain new customers.

Next streaming sources subscribed

Shown above are the top 3 streaming sources. Likely to be subscribed within the next 6 months for USA, Germany, and China.

USA and Germany both share the same top 3 streaming platform brands, while China’s top 3 differ entirely.

Impact of streaming on the toy industry

Numerous implications for the toy industry were discussed, looking into the benefits of factors such as:

  • Developing licensed products
  • Creating interactive experiences
  • Developing new products based on characters from streaming
  • Creating compelling marketing campaigns
  • Creating partnerships with streaming services
  • Investing in digital marketing

If you would like to download the full presentation, click here.

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