sea in a city in New Zealand

New Zealand serves as an illustration of how new licenses can penetrate a market

sea in a city in New Zealand

Updated: May 4

By Philippe Guinaudeau, CEO

BrandTrends shares the Most favorite Entertainment brands in the autumn of 2022

[Article published in the Total Licensing Magazine / New Zealand 2023 Edition]

The BrandTrends Group unveils some major findings from its most recent research, and some key facts can be extracted when compared to the previous years.

New Zealand is home to the world’s largest flightless bird, the Kiwi, flightless making it a distinctive species among birds.

Also, New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote in 1893. This was a significant moment in history and demonstrated New Zealand’s commitment to equality and democracy.

And what to speak about New Zealand if not speaking about rugby and their famous All Blacks. Indeed, New Zealand does have a distinctive and physical style of playing rugby that is often referred to as “Kiwi style,” and it is considered to be one of the best and most exciting forms of rugby in the world.

And there are a little more than 426,000 infants & preschoolers in New Zealand!

In the autumn of 2022, children 0 to 6 know 54 different brands, and the brands named change more and more depending on the child’s gender (and age!). Consequently, fewer brands cater to both genders and more do so.

Great success of Cocomelon in New Zealand!

Cocomelon dominates all other brands, including Australian hit Bluey, with a staggering 27% of the mentions as the preferred Entertainment brands for infants & preschoolers.

The brand’s success can be attributed to its excellent and captivating content, which is both instructive and enjoyable for young children. Children enjoy singing along to the catchy tunes in the colorful, upbeat videos. Additionally, by consistently updating its content and interacting with viewers on social media channels, the business has been able to keep a strong relationship with its audience.

Many families with small children in New Zealand have made Cocomelon a regular part of their daily routines and enjoy viewing its videos on YouTube and other websites.

Overall, the Cocomelon brand’s preferences in New Zealand is evidence of the ability of excellent content to hold young audiences’ interest.

Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig, the challengers of Cocomelon in New Zealand, record similar performance results. Of course, each brand has its own unique style and approach to children’s entertainment. But both brands share a commitment to providing high-quality content that is both fun and educational. Whether it’s through the exciting adventures of the Paw Patrol pups or the fun-filled adventures of Peppa and her family, both brands have been able to keep young audiences engaged and entertained.

The Wiggles, the popular Australian brand, represents live performances

The Wiggles’ 10th position in the ranking of the most favorite entertainment brands among kids in New Zealand is a testament to its longevity and continued popularity. The brand has remained relevant and beloved by young audiences for over three decades. And The Wiggles has established themselves as a mainstay in the lives of many young children in New Zealand because to its catchy songs, entertaining characters, and captivating performances.

Ownership and Licensing Opportunities

In general, the market in New Zealand for products with an entertainment license for young children is booming. A significant portion of the top 30 most most popular brands report a positive consumer demand gap (where there are more intenting to purchase a product with the brand on it than persons actually owning already a product). Overall, this indicates that throughout the course of the upcoming year, the market for these products will grow, naturally at the New Zealand level.

New Zealand serves as an illustration of how new licenses can penetrate a market despite its size and worth

A number of fairly recent brands are already at the top of the most favorite entertainment brands among infants and preschoolers in New Zealand, as evidenced by the success of Cocomelon, Baby Shark’s inclusion in the top 10 most favorite brands, and Moana.

Yes, the scale of the market contributes to this phenomena and makes it simpler to achieve such a level of success.

However, their success is also a testament to the power of great content and the importance of being able to connect with young audiences in meaningful ways. The competition in the children’s entertainment market is intense, and new brands must be able to differentiate themselves and offer high-quality content that resonates with young audiences. And brands that are able to do this are able to capture the hearts of young audiences and establish themselves as key players in the market.

These certainly did it!


The current report provides a detailed analysis of brand awareness, popularity, and purchase intent of the most important Entertainment brands within a country. The most crucial aspect is that it predicts product category purchasing intentions. The service reports on 11,500+ different Entertainment, Fashion, or Sports brands four times a year, and interviews 200,000+ people ranging in age from infants to seniors in 42 countries, including New Zealand.


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