Most well-known brands worldwide – April’22

By Marinette Dalbard, Client Servicing Director

The most recent ranking of the most well-known brands worldwide was released by BrandTrends on April 22. And Marvel is first!

Adults are now included in BrandTrends measurement in addition to children and young adults. This is how we can reveal the list of the most well-known brands worldwide!

Superheroes maintain their predominance and are still essential for gaining popularity. The Top 10 most well-liked brands across all age groups include three super-hero brands. Marvel is ranked #1 among viewers aged 0-65 and 0-25, and #5 among people aged 26 and above. Spider-Man is ranked #4 among those aged 0-65 and 0–25, and #9 among people aged 26–65. Avengers is ranked #7 overall and #10 across all age groups. The team of 26-65 year olds is completed by Superman and Batman.

Tom & Jerry leaves its mark. The brand is ranked #2 overall, #3 among consumers aged 0 to 25, and even #1 among those aged 26 to 65.

While Bugs Bunny and Harry Potter perform significantly better among adults, Lego, Mickey Mouse, Minions, and Cartoon Network are mostly popular among children.

The inclusion of Cartoon Network among the top 10 most popular brands is an intriguing development. This exemplifies how streaming services (like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, and others) establish themselves as brands and outperform the variety of shows and contents. Access to content is far more crucial for customers than maintaining a regular schedule of content.


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