4 people trying VR headset

More about the B&LIS Conference – November’22

4 people trying VR headset

Always keen to learn more and share our expertise with our clients, BrandTrends has captured the key insights developed along the 2 days of the Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit in NYC.

The B&LIS Conference has been designed to shape the future of licensing and retail.

It brings together brand licensing leaders and delivers thought-provoking content and networking opportunities to help drive the industry forward and get the business insights to address some of these critical topics.

Our industry is going through a transformation like we’ve never seen before, all led by an increasingly complex and demanding customer.

BrandTrends has participated in the conference and has identified 3 big trends for the coming years:

1. Challenges on supply chain will become tougher and tougher

Lack of materials, Delocalization, war in Ukraine, consumer’s expectations towards sustainability and social responsibility… and much more are part of the challenges to be answered to carry on offering qualitative products to consumers.

2. Brick and Mortar distribution is back to the game

After the pandemic years, physical distribution found its way back to the consumer’s heart. It is now constantly growing, reaching levels of visits and sales even higher than pre covid times.

Going in shops is not only an opportunity to feel and test the product, but also to live a complete experience; this is what is known as location-based experience. It covers multiple aspects, from the game to the full redesign of the shop as well as virtual reality, 360 consumer’s experience and much more. It also offers the additional benefits of a longer exposure to the brand, amplifying the brand attribution to the moment. This favors brand affinity and loyalty among consumers.

3. NFTs and Metaverse

Impossible to attend a conference about brand and / or licensing without mentioning NFTS and Metaverse.

This is definitely a major trend, the more and the best still being to come.

If more and more experience took place along the past month, confirming the attractiveness of the concept, massive development is coming up for continuing building the virtual world of the future.

BrandTrends will, as always, carry on monitoring those trends and share its views on main opportunities coming up. Don’t hesitate to visit our website for keeping the edge.


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