Philippe Guinaudeau

Philippe Guinaudeau

The Rise of Kidfluencers – Meet the kids making millions on social media

Make way, make way for the rise of the Kidfluencers! With the birth of Social Media, came influencers of many different shapes and sizes, from famous celebrity personal trainers and the cleaning obsessed with millions of followers to the unfluencers with less than 3,000 followers that focus on very specific niches. No matter the level of influence, they can help to increase brand awareness.

Over recent years we have seen an increase in the “smaller influencer”, which surprisingly doesn’t refer to an influencer with a small audience, but the age of the actual influencer. Many brands, including large corporations such as Walmart are using child vloggers (Kidfluencers for the sake of this article) to boost the impact of their social media advertising. Brands with a target audience consisting of children should stop and take note of these incredible kidfluencers.

This post will introduce our list of Kidfluencers that are making Millions using Social Media.



Evan of EvanTube is arguably one of the most prominent and successful influencers in the world. He boasts over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and produces toy reviews, engaging challenges and experiments. Kids (and adults) of all ages are enthralled by his channel.

Evan’s social media platforms combined, his YouTube channels, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, has over 10 million followers – very impressive for a child! He has partnered with a number of big brands to provide reviews and has even written his own book.


Ryan ToysReview


This completely adorable, 8-year-old, the boy behind Ryan ToysReview is currently THE biggest kidfluencer with over 23 million subscribers to his YouTube channel already. Just as the name implies, Ryan’s channel focuses on toy review videos and attracts both an audience of children and parents who respect his highly sought after opinion.

In order to capitalize on his impressive audience, he’s also broken into the toy market even more by launching his own range of toys in conjunction with Walmart. The most successful range was his giant surprise egg filled with a collection of his favourite toys for children to enjoy.

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Jacob Sartorious


The next on our list of Kidfluencers is a social media superstar, Jacob Sartorious. Jacob is just 16 years old and is already a veteran influencer. His fame flourished from his lip-syncing videos posted on and now has over 9 million followers on Instagram. Recently, Jacob has released his own music and his videos gain millions of views on YouTube. His music career is certainly growing and we should expect to see more of him in the near future.


Emma and Mila Stauffer


Emma and Mila are twins that simply scream cuteness and have risen to Instagram fame thanks to their mum and the pictures she shares of the family. Despite the fact that the account is run by Katie, the twin’s mum, Emma and Miles are certainly the main focus – and we can see why! They both have extremely expressive faces and are hilariously cute.

The girls have experienced huge success and have already partnered with family-friendly brands such as Pampers and Amazon.



For those looking for style advice, this 6-year old fashionista is definitely the one to follow. This Kidfluencer provides beautiful outfits, modelled in perfect poses. How can someone so young be so stylish? She photographs like a true professional fashion blogger. And, as you would expect she has already worked with leading fashion brands such as Gap Kids to help promote their products through her channel. What will this little girl grow up to be? Whatever it is, we are sure that the future will be extremely bright.

Emma and Mila Stauffer


At just 4 years old, this mini fashionista is working wonders on Instagram (825k followers). Millie-Belle is a well-established fashion influencer and has built up an impressive following which is run by her mum. Since starting on the platform she has quickly grown into an Instagram sensation and it is certainly easy to see why.

Each and every time a user visits her account they can be sure to get a serious overload of cuteness, thanks to her perfectly combined poses and designer outfits. In such a short space of time, she has even launched her very own line of baby clothes off the back of her influencer success. This little lady is set to be a star.

Hawkeye Huey


Who knew that at 9 years old you could be so creative and technologically savvy? Well, this Kidfluencer has certainly made a name for himself as an artsy photographer with an incredible eye for detail. His account, just as many of the influencers on this list, is managed by a parent. In this case, Aaron Huey’s dad manages the account. His dad is a professional photographer for Nat Geo – it definitely seems that creativity runs in the family.

However, Hawkeye Huey has also branched outside of his niche on a number of occasions, namely to collaborate with other young influencers on clothing designs for a special collection at Target called “Art Class”.



Kitties Mama are siblings that have grown up in front of the camera and have been hugely successful thanks to their YouTube channel which has over 2 million subscribers. Whilst the older trio are now getting a little older at the ‘ripe’ age of 16-17 and 19 years-old they have one younger brother aged 3 and another aged 1.

We are certain that this family will continue to appear on our social media pages and provide engaging and fun content for years to come.

Gabe and Garrett


Gabe and Garrett are a brotherly duo that produce entertaining and intriguing videos on their YouTube channel, including their very popular Sidewalk Cops series where they both drive child size versions of police cars through the street. At just 11 and 13-years-old these two ambitious boys have successfully made a name for themselves.

As a direct result of their 1.8 Million following, they’ve worked with a wide variety of brands on their channel, by providing reviews, using their products, and showing off their features to their audience.

It is clear that Kidfluencers are on the rise. Whilst the young generation exposed to social media are having kids, this trend is only set to continue. Are you ready to capitalize on this opportunity for brand exposure?

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