Philippe Guinaudeau

Philippe Guinaudeau

How can Social Media Influencers Help Selling your Brand

In today’s fast paced environment, there is a strong need to remain connected with your audience via various media platforms in order to communicate value to the customer, which can then be delivered by your brand. Marketing efforts need to be further backed by key market insights which allow you to ascertain the mediums and the type of marketing efforts, to which your consumer is most likely to respond to. Thereby, allowing you to develop strategies and plans accordingly to aid you in building a stronger brand and hence achieving the ultimate aim of selling your brand to your respective target audience. However, in order to do so, there is a need to create brand awareness, which can act as a stepping stone in achieving the aforementioned.

Social media has become one such tool in the recent years which has helped brands to first create brand awareness and then increase brand popularity, with the aid of various mediums. The presence of social media within the lives of consumers can be seen via a short pilot study BrandTrends conducted within the USA in April 2018, which concluded that 86.5% of adult Americans hold at least one social media account, with Facebook being the predominant platform being used across all ages. However, you may be wondering how does this help to sell your brand? The answer to this question comes in the form of Social Media Influencers; those individuals or users of social media who have an access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

These Social Media Influencers can in fact help your brand by virtue of the following which they have garnered, making them one of the most effective tools to be utilised in selling your brand, once again with Facebook (45%), followed by YouTube (40%), being the chosen social media platform to follow such social media personalities. In fact research has found that once content from their favorite social media personality is accessed, Americans tend to engage with the media one to two times on average hence creating the desired brand awareness which is the first step towards building the purchase intention of consumers. These social media influencers can further have a great impact on consumer purchase considerations, through opting for and /or promoting your product within their social media posts, videos, blogs and other such tools, since consumers have been known to replicate the patterns of purchase of the social media personality, whom they are following.

However, a point to be noted here is that it is important to understand social media usage within a target demographic, in order to understand the reach and impact which your marketing efforts will have upon the purchase consideration. For example, under the age of 45, the average number of personalities followed is four whereas a significant proportion of 18–44 year olds follow ten or more personalities. Thereby indicating that, the intensity of usage is also another factor which ought to be considered whilst formulating social media marketing strategies for a particular demographic and whilst considering social media influencers as tools to boost purchase intentions of consumer products with your brand on them.

Therefore, there is a key need to tailor market surveys which can in turn provide invaluable insight into identifying the behaviours and preferences of your desired target market/s, including insights with respect to the interconnection of social media marketing, which includes social media influencers, and demographics. For more information, please contact me to achieve the aforementioned.

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