How to reach a cross-generation success

Are you keen to understand why some brands are successful among both Kids and Adults? BrandTrends investigated on how to drive cross-generation Popularity and Appeal…

If the ability of a brand to create proximity and commitment across targets can be linked to multiple reasons, BrandTrends identified some golden rules for reaching success.


Everyone knows the mantra of being a ‘loved brand’ and how this settles consideration and loyalty for a brand, on top of driving advocacy and audience’s growth.

This idea of ‘love’ is translated by emotional connection and sharing among winning brands.


By creating events or opportunities for people to connect with others, brands drive proximity, popularity and preference for themselves.

And what makes an opportunity to connect successful? This is a matter of value.


“Value of sharing, value of transcendence, value of support… This is what super-heroes bring to the world and why they are so successful across age breaks. They’re great model for children and drive a ‘never give-up’ state of mind among adults” summarize Marinette Dalbard, CSD at BrandTrends.


The ability of a brand to settle great memories is also a winning opportunity to fulfil a relationship.

Having great memories generates a wish to share it with beloved ones. “If some brands are able to connect deeply with their target at a certain moment of its life, this supports the success along time: sharing learnings, memories, good moments… is part of the family life and drive heritage and appeal for renew the relationship by extending it to new comers. ” continues Marinette Dalbard.


The propensity of brands to be present across multiple categories (as Super-heroes and historical brands do!) supports their appeal.

Of course, individuals know more and more brands along time and this is translated by a mix of more brands known overall, but also more mentions for each brand.

Transversality is another criteria of performance. Being preferred for a brand is not only a matter of being relevant across age breaks, but also across genders.

Super heroes and heritage brand, as such as the values they convey are shared by both males and females, supporting strong performances.

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