a group of people including: 2 mean 2 women and 2 children

How do you achieve intergenerational success?

a group of people including: 2 mean 2 women and 2 children

By Marinette Dalbard, Client Servicing Director

Do you want to know why some products are popular with both children and adults? BrandTrends looked into how to increase cross-generational appeal and popularity…

If a brand’s ability to build proximity and commitment across targets can be attributed to a variety of factors, BrandTrends has found certain golden principles for achieving success.

Everyone understands the importance of having a ‘liked brand,’ and how it influences brand consideration and loyalty, as well as driving advocacy and audience growth.

Emotional connection and sharing are how winning brands convey the concept of “love.”

Brands drive proximity, popularity, and preference for themselves through creating events or providing opportunities for consumers to connect with one another.

And what makes a connection opportunity successful? This is a question of worth.

“Value of sharing, value of transcendence, value of support… This is what super-heroes bring to the world and why they are so successful across age breaks. They’re great model for children and drive a ‘never give-up’ state of mind among adults” summarize Marinette Dalbard, CSD at BrandTrends.

A brand’s capacity to create lasting memories is also a winning opportunity to complete a connection. Having wonderful recollections makes you want to share them with your loved ones. “If some brands are able to connect deeply with their target at a certain moment of its life, this supports the success along time: sharing learnings, memories, good moments… is part of the family life and drive heritage and appeal for renew the relationship by extending it to new comers. ” continues Marinette Dalbard.

Brands’ proclivity to appear in numerous categories (like Super-heroes and historical brands do!) adds to their attractiveness. Individuals, of course, become more familiar with more brands over time, resulting in a mix of more brands being known overall, as well as more mentions for each brand.

Another performance criterion is transversality. It is not just an issue of being relevant across age groups, but also across genders, to be favored for a brand.

Both males and females identify with superheroes and legacy brands, as well as the ideals they represent, resulting in high performances.

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