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  • Find out where your licenses stand in Popularity and Awareness, among your competitors, and in different countries in the world
  • Reveal which ages and genders are most attracted to your licenses
  • Discover if your license appeal will be transformed into purchase intentions from the consumers; and if so in which product categories
  • Receive truly actionable recommendations that are unique to your business

BrandTrends gives you the opportunity to know everything about the position of your brand on the Entertainment market vs. its main competitors through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of your brand profile; it also gives you a prospective study of its potential in terms of product development. Whether you are a licensor, a licensee, an agent or a retailer, BrandTrends helps you develop your brand in this competitive environment.

  • BrandTrends tracks the relative awareness, attitudes, popularity and merchandise appeal of the most important Entertainment brands among people up to 25-year-olds.
  • Easy-to-read reports consisting of 42 charts with relevant information for your demographic group.
  • 42 countries, 5 age groups on the 2 genders.
  • Reports feature brand rankings based on brand recall, popularity and product appeal. Additional data on shopping patterns and brand profiles are also provided.
  • Database application on your desktop, allowing to run a selection of 14 different reports, in a matter of a few seconds.
  • Over 50,000 different brands in the database tested brands.

Our Exclusive Index

Brand Popularity Index (BPI) is predictive of Purchase Intentions

Unaided Awareness

Aided Awareness


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Brand Popularity Index

puchase-intention BrandTrends

Purchase intentions

Example:  Brand Matrix (Brand Popularity vs. Merchandise Appeal) France – April 2018

BrandTrends Brand Matrix (Brand Popularity vs. Merchandise Appeal) France – April 2018
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Find the best indicator

  • Brand Popularity Index / Purchase Intentions Matrix
  • Popularity and Awareness Measures:
  • Brand Popularity Index
  • Unaided Brand Awareness
  • Tested Brand Awareness
  • Attitudes towards the Brands (Brand Affinity)
  • Brand Favourites (unaided mentions)
  • Merchandise Appeal Measures:
  • Brand Merchandise Interest
  • Timeframe on the Merchandise Interest (past & future)
  • Demand Gap Analysis (past vs. future interest)
  • Merchandise Interest by Product Category
  • Retail Visitation by Channel
  • Streaming for video-content​

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