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Kids and Pocket Money – France – December’19


With less free time also comes fewer opportunities for kids to spend what they earn, so a dive in to all the formats of pocket money they receive and how they spend it enables us to track the increasing relevance of digital currency, in-app purchases and downloads as “forms of pocket money payment” and the decline in kids’ experience of cash transactions in store.

We track how much, how often and who from pocket money trends, looking at all forms of currency, be it cash or digital, online “visible bill” allowances and gift cards or in-app purchases.

Pocket Money & Purchase Power is the first and only study that investigates these elements across multiple markets, to give a truly global perspective and alert businesses to both the seismic and subtle revolutions which occur around the world.


Pocket Money & Purchase Power: tracks the evolution of income in amounts and format, the means and locations where it is spent to enable businesses to shape their strategies around low-price impulse, collectibles, apps, savings products and retail channels.

Therefore, the research project probes the following sub-objectives:

  1. Cash Pocket Money received
  2. Other ways of allowances saving and receiving a reward
  3. Spend and Saving

Thanks to these themes, you can monitor and better understand the lives of the 3 to 14 years old to stay in touch with their attitudes, opinions and developing trends.

This Report looks at the following areas:

  1. Where kids earn their money
  2. How much they earn
  3. International comparison
  4. How much they save
  5. How they’re willing to spend their money
  6. Where they spend their money
  7. How to increase your market share in pocket money spending
  8. Executive Summary


Geography Demographics Period Content
France 0-14 December 2019 45 pages / 30 charts


  • Identify the relative awareness, popularity and merchandise appeal of all the brand amongst infants, preschoolers, children, tweens & teens and Young Adults in multiple territories
  • Identify factors driving future growth of this brand, with the strongest countries as well as the weakest
  • Compare the performances on those factors across countries
  • Assess penetration the future selling trends of the selected brand


  • Presentation & methodology
  • Demographics & HH composition
    • State
    • Size
    • Composition (age, gender, relationship)
    • HH income
  • Electronic devices & television channels
    • Ownership by each individual in the household
    • TV Channels accessed, including premium ones
    • Future subscription of TV Channels, including premium ones
  • Pocket Money to Kids
    • Amount and frequency
    • Use of the pocket money
    • Knowledge of amounts in bank, in cash
    • Bank account ownership

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