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Christmas Presents to Kids – France – January 2020


How do children make their choices on what they want under tree on Christmas morning? We like to understand what choices children make and why, and by doing this we have a far better understanding of the processes they go through when they decide. These processes can be anything from the information sources they choose to content and chronology of decisions. We investigate the Christmas gifts children wanted but didn’t get, what is behind the decisions parents make, why do they decide not to buy certain items for their children?

We also investigate the Christmas gifts they requested but did not ultimately receive. Then ask the parents the reasons behind such decisions.


This report examines the attitudes and behaviors of kids for selecting and getting their Christmas presents. Xmas Presents will talk to buyers about their kids’ wishes.

Therefore, the research project probes the following sub-objectives:

  1. Determining how children ages up to 11 make up their choices for Christmas, including the process of making the choices (chronology, information sources, content),
  2. Presenting the trends vs. past seasons,
  3. Examining the ways to communicate their wishes to their parents,
  4. Identifying how in final how parents behave on these choices.

Thanks to these themes, you can monitor and better understand the lives of the 3 to 14 years old to stay in touch with their attitudes, opinions and developing trends.

This Report looks at the following areas:

  1. Types of Presents
    1. How many children celebrate Christmas?
    2. How many gifts do they receive?
    3. And what are these gifts?
  2. About the Persons
    1. Who are the people who give gifts to kids at Christmas?
    2. Are kids present when they purchase?
  3. Requests by Recipients
    1. Is the Christmas Wishlist followed?
    2. Is that all the requested gifts received by kids and if not, what are the reasons why kids did not receive the requested presents?
  4. Shopper Marketing
    1. How long is Christmas shopping?
    2. What factors can influence the purchase?
    3. What is the perception of Christmas shopping?
  5. Executive Summary


Geography Dempgraphics Period Content
France 0-14 January 2020 45 pages / 30 charts


  • Identify the relative awareness, popularity and merchandise appeal of all the brand amongst infants, preschoolers, children, tweens & teens and Young Adults in multiple territories
  • Identify factors driving future growth of this brand, with the strongest countries as well as the weakest
  • Compare the performances on those factors across countries
  • Assess penetration the future selling trends of the selected brand


  • Presentation & methodology
  • Demographics & HH composition
    • State
    • Size
    • Composition (age, gender, relationship)
    • HH income
  • Electronic devices & television channels
    • Ownership by each individual in the household
    • TV Channels accessed, including premium ones
    • Future subscription of TV Channels, including premium ones
  • Xmas Presents to kids
    • Type of gifts on the final child’s Christmas list
    • Source for selecting these gifts
    • Number of gifts received
    • Type of gifts eventually purchased, and when
    • Schedule of the purchase, from the communication of the wish list to the actual purchase
    • Presence of the recipient when purchasing
    • Place of purchase and amount paid
    • Impact of promotions
    • Types of gifts also received from others than parents
    • Reasons for listing gifts
    • Impact of retailer catalogues on the selection of gifts
    • Gifts requested by the child but not obtained, and reasons. Gifts received instead
    • Criteria, and importance, for purchasing Christmas gifts (brand, price …)
    • Shopper marketing on Toys, from wish list to TV Ads, through catalogues, magazines

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