Philippe Guinaudeau

Philippe Guinaudeau

How to predict a brand’s success

Recently, a client commented on our brand tracker: «your survey is good but what we want is to predict our success»?

The good news is, this method finally exists! More reliable than astrology, it is the result of two years of hard work, exchange and confrontation between our experts and partners. It is based on:

  • a harmonized database, assembling 7 years of archives. Statistics tell it: humans are animals of habit and what’s been done in the past can predict what they will accomplish in the future.

  • experts in this field sharing their experiences as to create a database which reflects the past

  • using artificial intelligence, machine-learning and algorithms

  • the sturdiness of a team of data-scientists et engineers who have cut and diced this data in every possible way

The result has allowed us to set up a method which can predict product purchase over a period of 6 months to 2 years, therefore that can foresee brands’ success.

A method that plans ahead of time!

Whether this method is reliable and effective is a legitimate question, considering the setup of a new commercial strategy. This is why we can look at tangibles facts:

  • An algorithm from IA made it possible to intuitively write the first chapter of Harry Potter and the portrait of what looked like a big pile of ashes. These algorithms have taken into account every word and phrasing used by JK Rowling and, with the help of new authors, wrote a new chapter very similar to the original’s author’s style and plot

  • The co-founder of NarrativeScience predicts that almost 90% of online articles will be written by artificial intelligence in the next 15 years

  • Over 80% of predictions for the next 6 months of our Brand Popularity Index (our brand popularity index) are +/-5% in real results. This was confirmed by the October 2017 results

That fact that we possess information that can fix counter-productive measures will allow us to get a result different from what was predicted. The same reasonning can be applied the other way around and everything will be built to maintain and reinforce the promise of success. This is why our forecasting model proves to be a tool for anticipating and planning rather than contemplating.

Brand Popularity Simulator

Esmating the purchase intention

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