Brandtrends at the Licensing leadership summit
BrandTrends' Team

BrandTrends' Team

From brand activation to retail activation … How can licensing drive sales?

BrandTrends are hosting a 40 minute Brand and Retail Activation Conference at the year’s Licensing Leadership Summit that will demonstrate how brands can engage, inspire and drive sales through licensing.

How can brand’s create experiences that will excite their customers?  Successful brands understand how to leverage brand activation and retail activation to create powerful connections that generate long term value.

As more and more brands attempt to achieve long term brand loyalty and profitability, brands need to uncover fresh ways to connect with consumers beyond traditional channels. Consequently, marketers are constantly striving to deliver the next ‘buzz’, engaging consumer experience and product sales through brand activations. In the modern landscape, this is no easy task. With today’s distracted consumers, to succeed brands need to connect with their audience more than ever before and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

During this conference, we will demonstrate to you how leading brands are utilizing trends to stay one step ahead. We will uncover how they monitor relevant and actionable insights to create engaging campaigns and fresh new products that are propelling their brands and product sales forward .You will discover highly effective methods to bring a brand to life, while impressing consumers. 

About The Speaker

With 28 years’ experience in market research, Philippe Guinaudeau is the CEO of Kidz Global and Melipan, servicing the BrandTrends service. Philippe (and his team) is dedicated to providing highly tailored, effective solutions to clients in every sector of the challenging and fast moving markets.

Prior to founding Kidz Global and Melipan, Philippe was a Director of The NPD Group, a leading global provider of consumer and retail information for a wide range of industries. Here, and previously, as a Durable Goods Consultant at AC Nielsen, Philippe gained huge experience in the toys and games markets, as well as the licensing and entertainment industries in North America, Europe, Australia, Latin America and Asia.

With offices in both Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore and soon the USA, Philippe travels extensively to produce expert insight in understanding the Durable Goods markets, analyzing the retail landscape, the competition, the consumer behavior and the brand line architecture; and assisting his clients in planning strategies to achieve the best results on their product segments.

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