BrandTrends Sponsors The Licensing Leadership Summit
BrandTrends' Team

BrandTrends' Team

BrandTrends Sponsors The Licensing Leadership Summit

The Licensing Leadership Summit

The Licensing Leadership summit is a large conference and networking event for licensing business people and executives looking to gain knowledge and insights into strategies, trends, new categories, management and leadership, and business growth, development and innovation. With well over 300+ executives in attendance from over 200+ businesses that span 90+ countries, the Licensing Leadership Summit is one of the most coveted events in the licensing industry calendar. 

With seminars, speeches, workshops, and social events, the Licensing Leadership Summit promises to be an unmissable event – BrandTrends are already excited and we’re extremely proud to represent the event as a sponsor. 

The Licensing Industry in 2020

The licensing industry recorded its fifth consecutive rate of growth in 2019. Retail of licensed products climbed by a mighty 3.2% to reach a profit value of over $280 billion! Over 5 years, this has increased by 16% and in 2020, the licensing industry only promises to continue its relentless march onwards. There have been other interesting developments in the licensing industry, though, including the rapid growth of character and entertainment brands fuelled primarily by those aged 0 – 18 years. 

This is BrandTrends’ targeted demographic, we have followed the data trail for some 9 years to discover the fundamental mechanics behind consumer behavior, how this develops and responds dynamically in the real world throughout time and how it can be used to form marketing and advertising strategies, inform buying decisions and influence retail decisionmaking. 

Data is at the Heart of Modern Licensing Industry

Gone are the days of educated guesswork, hunches, and chances when it comes to selecting licenses and retailing them to customers. Yes, intuition and a strong sociocultural radar are still imperatives when it comes to succeeding in the licensing world but brands and businesses can now arm themselves with powerful actionable data to contribute and augment their strategy. 

BrandTrends is a leader in providing licensing data, we survey over 43 countries across 7 main continental areas; North America, Latin America, Europe, South Africa, Oceania, Asia, and Europe. Our data tracks an enormous database of over 48,000 brands to enable licensors complete control over the niches they select, our methodologies have been developed to survey brands at a granular level, we investigate 5 age groups and survey sample sizes of 6,400 minimum and with real-time tracking and trend forecasting, we empower brands to keep one step ahead of the curve. 


The industry of licensing continues to flourish and 2020 promises to be one of the most exciting years yet for businesses looking to leverage the power of BrandTrends’ advanced actionable data reports. 

We are very pleased to sponsor the Licensing Leadership Summit amongst some top agencies and businesses in the industry. The event promises to be a cracker and we’re looking forward to 2020 and the continued success of businesses and brands from all around the world who are using BrandTrends reports to turbocharge their licensing strategies across marketing and retail.

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