baby shark
Philippe Guinaudeau

Philippe Guinaudeau

Brand Born On The Internet

2020 is here and the brand landscape continues to evolve at a rapid and dynamic pace with the continuation of viral internet-based brands, snowballing in popularity thanks to social media. 

One such brand born on the internet is the now world-famous Baby Shark that began life as a German song and nursery rhyme which surfaced in the early 2000s. It was then popularized by the educational group Pinkfong who released children’s songs with a K-pop vibe to them. The video has gained some 4.5 billion views and numerous spin-offs and covers have also received billions of views to make Baby Shark one of the fastest-growing viral brands of all time. For a period in 2019, it was considered the most popular song in the world. It just goes to show that even the seemingly obscure can rise to internet stardom in extremely short periods of time.

The Brand Landscape of 2020

BrandTrends research investigates thousands of brands worldwide to create a clear and accurate picture of trends, changes in category and opportunities for licensing, marketing and advertising. In 2020, the overall top 3 brands worldwide are Lego, Marvel and Spider-Man. Lego, despite declining 1.4%, is still a veteran brand that has managed to retain strong popularity throughout the years on the market. Spider-Man has climbed 2% and Marvel remains strong at the top with a 0.2% increase. 

It certainly seems that superhero franchises will continue to take a dominant place in children’s brand feedback responses and it’ll be very interesting to see how the Marvel Cinematic Universe develops alongside Spider-Man which is a strongly reemergent brand with ties to both Marvel and Sony. Spider-Man game footage has emerged for the PS5 and the superhero is potentially set to take over the reins from The Avengers. Spider-Man already has two potential spin-offs in the pipeline for 2020, Morbius and Venom 2. BrandTrends are excited to keep a close eye on any developments – how will the superhero universe develop in the twilight of the momentous Avengers: Endgame?! Those are some big shoes to fill!

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