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There is always something happening on the Italian market!

A new property pushing, some additional offerings in merchandising. As a result, the market is highly focused on the top properties – top 20% concentrates 83% of the mentions -, and the rest of the market is heavily fragmented. Many players with lower but vital contribution.

LOL Surprise is one of the key phenomenon of the period, Miraculous continuing their penetration into the Italian market.

Top 30 Favorite Entertainment Brands

- Kids 0-14 Italy –
October 2018 – Unaided mentions


Although not really a ‘brand’ by itself, but more like a platform, the name is very much appreciated by both boys and girls 10-14 yo. Up to 5% in 2018 name Roblox among their top 3 favorite brands. And even 2% of each demographics even place the name as their top favorite brand!

Lol Surprise!

In just a year, the brand takes the second sport as the #1 favorite brand among girls 3 to 9. still not the most popular in the class though, but very close.

Very robust consumer demand of the brand, but no strong gap vs. prior ownership. However, there is a very strong potential on licensing merchandise, across multiple product categories.


Not as successful yet as in the other European territories, the brand still takes the second rank as the #1 favorite brand among boys 10 to 14, right/almost tying with Star Wars.


The most popular brand among boys 3 to 6 and 7 to 9, driven by high attitudes towards the brand (70%-75% just love the brand).

With the current level of ownership on the brand, some could expect a potential sign of weakness. No, not the case!

Masha & The Bear

In Italy, the brand keeps interesting infant and preschoolers: about 70% of those just love the brand, that’s some kind of achievement. Stronger than their direct competitors, the brand still has some growth potential among the Infants!

Source: Istat / Census Bureau

Source: Kids & Digital Research, by Kidz Global

Source: BrandTrends Research, by Kidz Global

All different brands mentioned at least twice (x2) on the period

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