What were they thinking?

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The question is straightforward. Nonetheless, the response is out of proportion.What is your favorite brand of entertainment? We’re talking about the names you’ve probably heard on TV when we say “Entertainment brand.” Isn’t it a simple and straightforward question? They give us the name they like on the spur of the moment. There was no list, no instructions from us, nothing.

What is Generational Marketing?

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To say that marketing has evolved greatly over time is an understatement, and there are numerous factors that play a role. First, it is crucial to know what causes general changes in marketing.

Licensing in the fashion industry

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A license in the fashion industry provides the needed access to the selling of products without the proper transfer of ownership. This process allows the fashion brand to grow. The article is related to the importance of licensing in the fashion industry and its stimulation towards growth (Brydge and Hracs, 2019).