How Iconic Mickey Mouse is a excellent motivator of impulse purchase?

Mickey Mouse is one of the most well-known entertainment brands in the world. It also achieves an excellent level of ownership of multiple products with the brand on them, validating its consumer appeal. However, the brand consideration is limited in light of such performances and does not convey the Mickey Mouse footprint. Why is this such an anti-performance?

The social media generational difference among adults

a woman near a pool watching something on her phone

Social media use among adults and teenagers (tomorrow’s adults) is on the rise; this is general knowledge. Influencers therefore give marketers a fantastic opportunity to interact with their target audiences.

Why Metaverse shouldn’t be considered as a virtual world …

Some would consider the Metaverse as the 3D Internet. In some extent, that’s true: you can connect via various devices with lots of people and contents, in different areas through immersive worlds. This even includes virtual reality, and much more is on its way, with olfactive or other sensorial add-ons.