2 kids on a blue background

BrandTrends takes on the challenge of understanding young consumers in 2023 and beyond

2 kids on a blue background

The Kid Consumer & Media Lives research details the behaviors, uses and expectations of 3-18 year olds to better anticipate their needs and help brands to meet the market challenges

Understanding young consumers can be a challenge as they often have different attitudes, behaviors and preferences than previous generations. But BrandTrends is not afraid of anything and has embarked on the adventure!

BrandTrends Kid Consumer and Media Lives research

The BrandTrends Kid Consumer and Media Lives research highlighted many learnings, allowing us to better understand this specific target, by understanding its particularities in depth. Here are our tips for you, too, to communicate effectively with those under 20.

1. Study their online behavior: Young consumers spend a lot of time online. Digital is their primary source of entertainment and they spend more than 35 hours per week on screen on average (see our dedicated article https://www.brandtrends.com/post/children-and-screens-when-digital-entertainment-becomes-their-main-activity). This has a direct impact on their consumption.

Video content is predominant, making traditional communication formats, including blogs or infographics, obsolete.

Young people are very active on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. For them, they are tools of communication, but above all of information.

According to the study Kid Consumer & Media Lives, the search for content and entertainment are the main reasons for using a social network. It is up to the brands to adapt their communication, both in terms of media plan and creative format.

And this attraction for social networks is reflected in their purchasing channels, online being already very strong and growing rapidly. It is the way to discover new products, but also to access personalized offers and obtain advantageous prices, without sacrificing quality.

It is also an opportunity to collect opinions and testimonials before making a purchase. Influencers are on the rise, their impact being multiplied by the thousands of testimonials from their followers.

2. Follow the trends: Young consumers are often at the forefront of trends, it is by following them that you can better understand their tastes and preferences. The most important highlights in the Kid Consumer & Media Lives study are as follows:

a. Sustainability: Young consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their consumption choices and are looking for sustainable products and brands. If they are not direct buyers, they will fully play their role as prescribers and influence the behavior and choices of their parents.

b. Social commitment: in search of meaning, people aged 15 and over are looking for brands that share their values and allow them to express their convictions.

c. Well-being: from the age of 15, young people become aware of the importance of their health and their physical and mental well-being. They look for products and brands that support a healthy and active lifestyle, help them feel better every day.

d. Personalization: this is an increasingly marked trend with these audiences. We will talk about it this week in our article dedicated to trends. This is indeed a welcome opportunity for brands.

3. Engage them in discussions and actively listen to their feedback: Children and adolescents like to be heard and have their say. Whether by engaging in discussions with them or listening to their feedback, you can better understand their needs and expectations.

4. Be authentic: Young consumers are often very suspicious of companies that are simply trying to sell them something. To better understand them, it is important to be genuine and honest in your communications with them.

And if, despite all this advice, you feel deprived in the face of this target of young people – and their families – don’t hesitate to tell us about it: we know how to get their answers 😊!


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