BrandTrends now measures brand and licenses Popularity among adults – or how to illustrate how adults are still kind of children!

With the October’21 wave, BrandTrends now measures brand performances not only among kids, teenagers and young adults (0 to 25 years old), but also Adults 26+. Looking at the Global Top 10 Licenses ranking, this is obvious Adults still love the brands they were fan of while being younger!

Most of the brands are powerful across generation, they’ve succeeded in keeping a strong salience and relationship while kids were growing up. This is how Marvel, Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Spider-Man are top brands among 0 to 65 years but also youngest 0 to 15 and oldest 16 to 65.

They are also brands offering opportunities for the family to meet and share good moments all together – and this even strengthens the relationship with fans (or how to create a virtuous circle 😉!).

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