a little girl with her mom making a heart by uniting their hands

BrandTrends Indicators: The Brand Preference

a little girl with her mom making a heart by uniting their hands

Updated: May 24, 2022

March 28, 2022

BrandTrends reports include different indicators, all defined to help you measuring, monitoring and improving brand performances.

We often mention here the Brand Popularity and the Top Favorites. Both of them are illustrated through rankings and help in better understanding what’s hot on properties markets.

This time, BrandTrends would like to go a step further, by understanding what drives the Popularity and the Liking. And here is introduced the Brand Preference!

This is a first milestone to know a brand is loved, but this is even more powerful to understand why and make sure to settle its preference.

This is why BrandTrends has added a question into its measurement for understanding what drives the preference. Respondents have the ability to select the main reason why each brand they love is their preferred one.

And what an interesting learning to note that Preference isn’t a matter of fashion, of influence or of merchandising (~15% of mentions each), but is definitely driven by the transversality and ability to fit as much people as possible. As such, ‘for eveyone’ statement is #1 around the globe, with half of the respondents selecting it.

It is more about how the brand is able to create a deep relationship through the group than how it supports individuality. At the end, this is highly consistent with our previous learnings on the consumer’s need to share and spend good time with others.

This is a matter of values and how brands may support our efforts in building and strengthening relationships among the family.

And once the recipe is found, there is no reason to change it. Then, ‘I know for a long time’ ranks #2 as main reasons for preferring a brand.

Those 2 reasons are key across brands. Then, when digging into the data, some specificities appear for each brand.

In the US examples below, we can see that Marvel third reasons of preference is about fashion ‘is fashionable’ / ‘the greatest ever’, while Lego is valuated for its core DNA of ‘endless playing’.

Having identified their strengths and differences, each brand might define a relevant strategy and make sure to fulfil what makes them unique in consumer’s heart.


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