How COCOMELON became the biggest Youtube Star among toddlers // BRANDTRENDS monitors how the brand settles its Leadership through time.

By Marinette Dalbard, director of client services, BrandTrends,

CoComelon is already a great success and this is only the beginning...

Who would have imagined 15 years ago that CoComelon and its simple and joyful songs would become such a big star among #toddlers?!

Growing worldwide

In 2020, the CoComelon YouTube channel was the most watched channel in the United States with over 3.5 billion views per month on average. In addition to surpassing others in terms of views, CoComelon is also the most subscribed YouTube channel in the United States with 92 million subscribers.

And this success is continuing around the world, as even the pandemic hasn't stopped the brand's growth.  #BrandTrends tracks #CoComelon performance among children ages 0-2 over the past 2 years. The brand has gained +500% awareness since 2019, +120% in the last 12 months, being the number one brand cited by 1 in 10 households worldwide (this share even rises to 30% in Asia).



How BrandTrends helps understand brand performance

"While most brands have struggled to get through the clutter during the pandemic and the intelligence frenzy it created, CoComelon has simply installed its leadership among preschoolers," explains Marinette Dalbard, CSD at BrandTrends.

If being known is the first step for a brand to boost its sales, CoComelon also sets its proximity indicators. In this respect, the brand is more and more appreciated and has gained +50% of fans (I like it a lot) in the last 12 months.
And as if that wasn't enough, CoComelon is also recruiting outside its core fan base: the brand's purchase intention is above the range and reaches 36% globally, placing the brand in the top 25% of brands on this indicator.


"This confirms that the brand is on a good trend. Developing the brand concept beyond the screen through merchandising, albums, live events, theme parks and much more..." says Marinette Dalbard.


This is confirmed by the attractiveness of the brand, which covers 3.5 desired categories for the brand to offer.
Being present on multiple media should even develop not only brand awareness, by exposing families to the brand's cute characters and universe, but also attractiveness.


For more consult : International Brand Review – Cocomelon (ABCkidTV) 


The potential to be the world's largest property when it comes to children

"CoComelon has the potential to be the largest property in the world as far as kids are concerned," Rene Rechtman, chief executive of Moonbug, owner of the CoComelon brand, told Bloomberg. "In terms of audience, it is."

The main issue for the brand now is to properly identify which categories to investigate in order to remain consistent with the brand's DNA while still being attractive.

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