a group of friend in a city

Back on the B&LIS Conference – Marketing 2.0: How to Reach Gen Z and Alpha Brands

a group of friend in a city

The Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit hosted by Global Licence took place in NYC on November 8th and 9th. It was focused on how licensing can forecast upcoming licensing trends and its future.

BrandTrends was part of it, as a panelist of the conference Marketing 2.0: How to Reach Gen Z and Alpha Brands

The group, moderated by Todd Kaufman, strategy and partnerships at Beanstalk,agreed that authenticity is key to any licensing program for these demographics, from branded apparel drops to the metaverse.

Veronica Hart, executive vice president, global franchise planning and consumer products marketing at Paramount, shared how the company is creating consumer products that meet the needs of Gen Z and Alpha.

“It’s not just looking at the IP how are we building products for the demographic, but the right consumer products at the right time,” says Hart.

Caryn Sterling, JoJo Siwa’s manager, brand development and strategy, executive producer at Sterling Worldwide Entertainment, shared how she translated Siwa’s core beliefs into her consumer program.

“JoJo is a human brand that delivers on positivity,” says Sterling. “Inauthenticity is not an option.”

Philippe Guinaudeau, chief executive officer at BrandTrends recognized that Gen Z and Alpha are more globally aware than past generations, which can present a challenge to brands.

“Brands have to change and reform to talk directly to the kids” says Guinaudeau. “The brand communicating with them has to be honest with them.”

David Lee, senior director, global licensing and culture at Kellogg Company, recalibrated marketing plans for brands like Froot Loops for Gen Z and Alpha.

“Gone are the days when brands just say something and people flock to them,” says Lee.

Debra Joester, president, chief executive officer at Joester Loria Group, revealed how the McDonald’s consumer product line reaches Gen Z and Alpha through the brand’s anniversaries.

“Everything we do, like limited-edition drops, we do it with the right retailer and brand, and it sells out,” says Joester.


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