Pocket Money in France

Pocket Money

Pocket money is a widely observed sociocultural activity that occurs to some extent in many countries worldwide. The piggy bank has become an icon, a vessel in which children have stored coinage retrieved from anywhere they can find it for centuries!  However, in our digital age, there are major signs that piggy banks – or … Read more

Brand Born On The Internet

2020 is here and the brand landscape continues to evolve at a rapid and dynamic pace with the continuation of viral internet-based brands, snowballing in popularity thanks to social media.  One such brand born on the internet is the now world-famous Baby Shark that began life as a German song and nursery rhyme which surfaced … Read more

The Licensing Market in Spain: Country Profile


Spain’s brand 0 – 15 brand profile indicates many parallels with other European countries and the USA with strong representation from global giants like Disney, Marvel and Lego but it blends this also with representation from Japanese brands and some domestic brands which still hold great influence over children’s interests.  As we frequently observe, the … Read more

Children’s most popular streaming sources for video content in China

streaming sources for video content in China

Technology is transforming the way we, and inevitably, children, consume information and entertainment. Many households have abandoned cable TV subscriptions that can cost upwards of $100 a month, opting for streaming video services instead, such as Netflix, that cost as little as $10 a month. This trend is being seen worldwide and is evidenced by … Read more

[infographic] Top 4 Kids Movie Franchises & The Reasons Behind their success

When we think of kid’s movies our minds tend to go straight to animation and their charming characters/bright colors. However, animation has developed considerably over recent years from hand-drawn cartoons, and many animation movies delivered by Hollywood have performed incredibly well. The 4 Highest-Grossing Kids Movies Unsurprisingly, many of Disney’s movie re-releases have experienced lucrative … Read more

Brand Loyalty : Fans that love the show stay way longer with brand than buyers…why?

With companies spending billions on advertising each year, you’d expect these brands to resonate with consumers. In reality, few actually transform their buyers into loyal brand fans. For the small amount that do, the rewards are phenomenal. Loyal customers that are enchanted by a brand from a young age will consistently provide recurring sales. They … Read more

Brand Popularity Simulator Launching

As you know, we offer the unique truly international service of Brand Popularity measurement in more than 42 countries at the same time. Our long history of innovation and support keeps you ahead of the curve on improving the performance of your licensed products: Brand Popularity Index, linking with purchase intentions of licensed products, forecasting … Read more

The Rise of Kidfluencers – Meet the kids making millions on social media


Make way, make way for the rise of the Kidfluencers! With the birth of Social Media, came influencers of many different shapes and sizes, from famous celebrity personal trainers and the cleaning obsessed with millions of followers to the unfluencers with less than 3,000 followers that focus on very specific niches. No matter the level … Read more