And Now?

By Philippe Guinaudeau, CEO BrandTrends

2020 was a unique year on so many levels. The pandemic changed working habits but also the daily routines of our children. As the lockdown took hold, children spend much of their time consuming entertaining, whether consuming media content or playing.

It was clear that traditional content for these youngsters was quickly used up and the children when looking for other content. As previous results from BrandTrends demonstrated, this content was much longer and usually meant for older audiences.  Content is now being consumed with parents, so shared audiences on smart TVs is projected to be a trend in 2021.

Obviously, for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Disney and beyond, there is a supply chain issue. The pandemic not only required the consumers of entertainment to stay home but also those who produce it.

Netflix has moved post-production for more than 200 shows to remote working.  Similarly, animation is being produced remotely, and there is likely to be a massive investment in this area soon. It is likely that the Oscar nomination earned for Netflix for the 2020 animated movie Klaus won’t be an isolation success.

Streaming services have also benefitted from the major studios looking to offload content that would typically have been shown at the cinema. Consequently, original production might be challenging, but these services can buy in content for now. As the trend is for shared family content, the move to more films and fewer shows could fit comfortably within this strategy.

Yet, there are still questions that linger about the future of entertainment consumption into 2021. BrandTrends will look to be a guiding star in uncertain times.

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