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Insights, not just statistics

Our experts have worked hard to make sense of the numbers. Get up close & personal with your customers to gain a deeper understanding of the brands they know, they love, they oan, they intend to purchase or to drop, and in which consumer product categories you have the highest potential. That means more sales for you.

The hottest brands

Our brand database now contains over 37,000 of the most popular brands, trended over the past 8 years. We certainly have yours. And if we don’t, we’ll add it.

Comprehensive consumer sampling

Consumers surveyed are classified include five age groups, ranging from infants to young adults with total sample size exceeding 6,400 per country. Cut and dice the results to built your best winning strategies.

International tracking

Reports account for at least 42 countries on a regular basis – up to 45 occasionally -, so you can make comparisons if you wish. Learn how you can benefit from other territories’ successes.

We did the hard work for you

Simple to use

Over 14 different reports, spanning from country report to international brand comparison or brand scorecard have been designed for your exclusive use. Each report contains their full story in 20+ charts and tables.

Actionable insights

Our experts are constantly designing new recommendations to overcome the potential challenges your brands and licenses face over time.

Market-relevant reports

Reports feature brand rankings based on brand recall, popularity and product appeal. Supplementary data on shopping patterns and brand profiles are also provided. 

Accessible reports

BrandTrends will provide easy-to-read reports consisting of charts with relevant and updated analysis for the preferred demographic group. Reports are sent by email to your chosen recipients.

Timely updates

Respondent groups are surveyed twice or four times annually at the same time to prevent from communication impacts, and reports ensure a comprehensive presentation using fresh data.

Customized for your budget

Opt for an annual subscription on one or several countries; alternatively, you can also opt-in for a one-time report on a specific age group on one country.

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