About the difference between Popularity and Favorites

Popularity Index, mixing brand performance monitoring and purchase intent prediction, is the key indicator of BrandTrends approach. But it is not the only one and among the others, Favorites mentions is probably the most powerful one.


The Favorites mention allow to measure the salience of a brand in consumer’s mind at the same time as the level of consumer’s commitment towards this brand. Curious about how does it work? And why is it so powerful?

First, at the opposite of the other key indicators, the Favorite mentions are spontaneously collected. This means that participants enter themselves their own answers, without any guidance from the agency.

This can include the brand name, sub brand names, characters of a show rather than the show itself, typos, misinterpreting of the brand name… and a lot of fun open answers! Each wave of interviews, BrandTrends collects over 2.1 million of those answers!

By entering spontaneously what they have in mind, participants not only confirm the presence of the brand in their lives, but also the level of relationship they’ve built with it.

Once the answers are collected, our editing dream team (the real name of the group in our internal system is ‘The world of Amazing Editors’ 😉) deploys all its knowledge and expertise to code the verbatim and make it a results in our standardized reports.

Although a large part of the coding has been automated, building up on the past findings (90% of the mentions automatically matched past found input), still 10% of the Editing is hand-made. Believe me when I say this generates heavy comments and discussions to properly reports new brands coming up. However, this process is mandatory for properly covering the market and guaranty consistency across countries.

This is thanks to BrandTrends editors that we can offer such granular results and identify tight results as soon as they pop up!

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