What Does the Consumer Demand Gap Mean for You?

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Consumer’s interest to purchase a product always depends on the willingness to buy and the actual need for such a product at the time (and the money to pay for it, of course). The Entertainment license on the product will aid in directing the purchase toward that product rather than any other similar product.

Pinpoint the best Entertainment licenses for Food packaging

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The most well-known brands, the most favorites brands, the most desired brands … All of these rankings are crucial for finding the most effective brands for driving penetration within a target audience. If a brand is well-known, it will naturally resonate with consumers and provide a halo effect around any marketing activity.

Part 2 – From brand awareness to brand engagement: the necessary steps

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Every brand has the opportunity to implement engagement strategies that will benefit their current and prospective customer bases. An effective engagement strategy can prove critical to helping brands connect with customers in better ways that will keep them wanting to remain customers. You cannot begin developing or implementing any kind of engagement strategy without knowing who your customers are and how they engage with your brand.

Part 1 – From brand awareness to brand engagement: the necessary steps

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Customers are getting more aware and attentive about what they buy and where they purchase it, which is now common knowledge. It’s a fiercely competitive world out there, so breaking through to be noticed is crucial; and once that moment arrives, interacting with your brand is the first step toward success.

Predicting sales of the consumer products using entertainment licensing

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You work as a product manager for a sizable consumer goods company, and you have been given the challenging duty of forecasting how well your items will perform over the forthcoming holiday season. The stakes are high: if your forecasts are off and you don’t reach your sales targets, you’ll lose your job.