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Whether you are a licensor, licensee, agent, a retailer, BrandTrends helps you

develop your brands/licenses and get closer to your customers in this competitive environment.


Select the Right Brands for Your Products

Create Highly Effective Advertising and Marketing Initiatives

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Explore and Examine Product Categories

Position Your Brands to Gain Benefits from Evolving Consumer Trends and Habits

Drive Relationships with Licensors <-> Licensees

Grow Your Revenues

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What are the exciting opportunities out there for you? If you do not try, you will never know, right?


Throughout the year, we track thousands of brands & characters, across 50+ territories. This allows you to perfectly apprehend the market landscape, your competitors for specific age groups and genders.


Listen to the voice of the consumer through our 44,000 hours of interviews among 176,000 parent/child pair respondents, to also detect/anticipate a brand’s light signals: Every Year we collect over 5,440,000 open mentions of known and favorites brands.

 *Don’t be shy, ask us how we manage these impressive numbers.



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About Us

BrandTrends is a market research and consulting firm, specialized in Brand Equity worldwide. By conveying our surveys and findings in more than 50 countries, we are able to provide you with unbeatable knowledge and information about brand trends, brand awareness and brand popularity.


Some of this is easy (but, is there such thing as ‘easy’ in the world of business?), and some is a little more complex, but we always go above and beyond to ensure you have up to date and accurate knowledge about trends.


  • We combine global expertise with local knowledge, to give you well rounded Insight into the brands you care about.
  • We tailor market research to your needs and requirements.
  • We go beyond market research to provide complete solutions to businesses of all sizes and in all industries.
  • We provide a smarter approach to market success by keeping things straight forward, simple and streamlined.

Some of our clients

Below are just a few example of some of our key partners, partnering with us.

The Walt Disney Company
E1 Entertainment
Ferrero SpA
Kimberly Clark
The Lego Group
Licensing International
Sesame Workshop
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
BBC Worldwide

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