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Hot, never not: The trends that matter

BrandTrends gives you all the tools you need to take advantage of tendencies & trends, be aware about risks and take advantage of destiny opportunities.

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Cool Things BrandTrends Lets You Do

The most innovative, top-line brands today are utilizing trends to keep moving ahead. With use of intuitive and studied anticipation and innovation, they are able to experience highly productive creativity, first for stability and then for advancement. Making serious headway takes getting inside the trends that form and challenge your clients’ hopes and presumptions. Realizing opportunities and transforming potential obstacles into successfully launched, engaging campaigns, unique concepts and fresh new products enable you to utilize a trend for optimal brand and product progress for advancement.

Feature Reports

You want to turbo-charge your marketing and advertising strategies to leverage new and exciting opportunities?

We Track Over 1,000 different Entertainment Brands And Characters, Per Country Every Quarter!

So, benchmark Entertainment brands and characters against competitors for specific age groups and genders.

About Us

BrandTrends is a market research and consulting firm, specialized in Brand Equity around the world. We convey our surveys and findings in more than 50 countries, some easy (there is no such thing as ‘easy’ in fact), and some more complex.

  • We Combine Global Expertise With Local Knowledge.
  • We Tailor Market Research To Needs.
  • We Go Beyond Market Research To Provide Complete Solutions.
  • We Provide A Smarter Approach To Market Success.

Some of our clients

Below are just a few example of some of our key partners, believing in us.

The Walt Disney Company
E1 Entertainment
Ferrero SpA
Kimberly Clark
The Lego Group
Licensing International
Sesame Workshop
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
BBC Worldwide

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